NFL update

So, the Saints were 4-1 coming into today. After the opening day loss to the Green bay Packers, they reeled off 4 wins in a row against the Bears, Texans, Jags and Panthers. The Bears and Jags games were strong wins (30-13 and 23-10), the Texans and Panthers less so (40-33, 30-27).

Then today we have another divisional rival in the Bucs. And we lost 26-20. Drew Brees threw 3 Interceptions.

The problem in my mind is the Saints are having to play too much catch up football. Meaning relying too much on Brees throwing it, and ahving increased pressure on him. Brees has thrown 8 interceptions through 6 games, so is on pace for 21 for the season. Last season is was 22. It's tough to win games when you loose the turnover battle, and we're losing those battles.

Another reason we're throwing so much is that our running game isn't working well either. We had 70 yards rushing today (as compared to 383 in the air), and 20 of that was from Brees.

Basically, our defence is what's worrying me.

Oh well, 4-2 is still not a bad start. But we have a long way to go.

NFL week 1

Week 1 of the NFL season is just about in the bag.

The Saints opened up on the Thursday night game against the reigning champion Green Bay Packers. After allowing a TD on the opening drive (which I think the commentators said we didn’t do all of last year), we proceeded to fumble the ball within the first couple of plays and allow another TD. Down 14-0, it was an uphill battle for the entire game. We ended up losing 42-34.

The big concern for me was our defence. GB mercilessly picked on Patrick Robinson, our second year cornerback, and he struggled all night. Overall cornerback is the position I’m most concerned about in our D. Skill wise, I was concerned about the tackles we missed, and our inability to force any turnovers. In 2009 our D thrived by forcing turnovers, if we want to return to the Superbowl then we need that back.

I’d be much more concerned if it wasn’t for the fact that every other team in the NFC South lost their opening game. The Buccaneers fell to the Detroit Lions of all teams (who might make the jump this year…). The falcons got blitzed 30-12 by the Bears, and the Panthers lost 28-21 to the Cardinals.

In other results, the Texans (who I liked the look of in preseason) comfortably beat the Colts who were missing Peyton Manning. And the Redskins shocked the Giants with a 28-14 win.
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You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness
Like resignation to the end, always the end
So when we found that we could not make sense
Well you said that we would still be friends
But I'll admit that I was glad that it was over

But you didn't have to cut me off
Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing
And I don't even need your love
But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough
No you didn't have to stoop so low
Have your friends collect your records and then change your number
I guess that I don't need that though
Now you're just somebody that I used to know
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THE TV ALPHABET: C is for Castle

Has it really been 6 weeks since my last TV Alphabet update? Man, time has flown.


Castle is a current police procedural show showing on TV One over here, and produced by ABC in the States.

The show stars Nathan Fillion as Rick Castle, a crime writer who (due to his friendship with the Mayor) gets to ride along with New York’s finest as inspiration for his novels. Stana Katic plays Detective Kate Beckett, Castle's muse, foil, and would be love interest.

How does Castle win me over? I mean, it's a police procedural show that follows many of the tenets of that genre (and there have been many good ones who have done this to death - Law and Order, for example).

Well, there's Fillion, who oozes charisma and nails the role of Castle. He has boyish charm, wit, and a great sense of humour.

There's the sexual tension between Castle and Beckett, which manages to play out the whole "will they / won't they" tease for everything it's worth. I mean, they have to kiss to fool a guard at a nightclub that they're just a bunch of drunk party-goers. They have to snuggle together for body warmth when stuck in a freezer. The last episode I saw they share this long lingering glance after Castle confessed to being jealous of the time Beckett had spent with another writer. It's money.

Then there's all the in jokes. The episode where Castle dresses for halloween as a "Space Cowboy" - donning his Malcolm Renolds costume from Firefly (to which his daughter asks "didn't you wear that 5 years ago"). There's the episode where they find a dead guy with vampire fangs and Castle says "looks like Buffy's visited the Big Apple" (referencing Fillion's role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Oh wait, they were THE SAME EPISODE (season 2, episode 6, my personal favourite).

Good supporting actors and actresses as well.

All I know is this. I go out of my way to watch Castle on Monday nights. And when it clashes with other things, I watch it on TVNZ on Demand within the next few days.

My question is - where does it go to from here? Castle and Beckett must almost be at the point of getting together, there's got to be something that forces them apart (like at the end of season 2 where Castle ran off with his ex-wife), or they have to change the dynamic somehow.

Also rans: Chuck, because of Adam Baldwin (another Firefly alum) and the hot blonde girl. But I've never bothered to really watch it, I find comedy and spy are genre's that don't really mix well for me.
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THE TV ALPHABET: B is for Blakes 7

Blakes 7

Blakes 7 was in iconic BBC Sci-Fi show from the 70's, which played in NZ during my childhood and was repeated in my teenage years (I recall recording episodes on VHS tapes, and woe betide my siblings if they changed the channel and I somehow missed an episode). As a kid I was into all the Sci-Fi TV I could get (Star Trek, the original Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rodgers in the 25th century, etc.), linking back to my love of Star Wars.

The show was about a group of escaped criminals led by Roj Blake, on the run from the totalitarian Galactica Federation. Having stumbled onto a high tech alien spacecraft (the Liberator), Roj and his band of merry men (and women) travel around the galaxy fighting injustices and trying to overthrow the oppressive Federation regime.

I think part of what attracted me to the show initially was the similarities with Star Wars (the Federation had many similarities to the Empire: faceless soldiers, a ruthless leader, their black leather clad half-machine enforcer, etc.). That, and the characters. While Blake was the idealistic hero, his crew were anything but. Kerr Avon, the arrogant genius who was always on the lookout for his own interests. Villa Restal, the cowardly thief. There were others, but those two were my favourites. I think it was Blakes 7 that first introduced me to the concept of the reluctant hero / the anti-hero, a protagonist without the pure moral fibre of a Luke Skywalker.

Blakes 7 ran for 4 seasons. The first two kept basically the same core crew (Blake, Avon, Villa, Jenna, Gan, Kelly, Zen) although Orac probably came to be counted as 1 of the 7 after Gan's death. Season 3 saw Blake and Jenna leave (how many shows can remove their signature character and continue?), replaced on the Liberator by new characters Travis and Dayna. At the end of Season 3 the show thought it was being cancelled, and the Liberator was destroyed, only to have a new season approved. So season 4 featured a new ship (The Scorpio) and saw Cally replaced by Soolin.

As was typical at that time, the show is very episodic – one episode will show an encounter with a strange alien species, while the next will be dealing with the Federation, without a lot of continuity. I recall one episode when they mentioned a council of Federation Governors who had never been heard of before, and were never heard of again.

But on their shoestring budget they managed to weave some gold. The dialogue was cutting, with Avon's retorts or Villa's self deprecation being standouts. ("Easy! I hate personal violence, especially when I'm the person"). Although the number of scenes shot at old quarrys or abandoned factories (aka "High Security Instalations") was amusing.

One of the greatest things for me was the ending. The good guys faced overwhelming odds, and eventually they lost. The final shot – Avon standing over Blake's dead body, gun in hand, surrounded by Federation Stormtroopers. The screen goes black you hear guns fire, roll credits. Magic.

The other two shows which really pushed Blacks 7 for that top spot were Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the reimaged Battlestar Galactica. Both were game changers, and I own most of both on DVD.

Also rans: Breaking Bad, Babylon 5. If I can't be bothered to get every episode I can and watch it, then you don't crack my top 3 for B.

Also Also rans (when I checked my DVD collection at home): Burn Notice. I really like Burn Notice. Not the least because it's set in Miami. And Big Bang Theory. There are lots of good series that start with B.
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THE TV ALPHABET: A is for Alias

So, I've been thinking about doing this for some time. As many readers may know, I'm a huge TV fan, and tend to digest entire series in a weekend. So I thought I'd do a TV alphabet, go through each letter of the alphabet and identify my favourite TV show that started with that letter.

Alias is a show I watched well after it's original air date. I think I picked up the first season on DVD for cheap, and it was all over from there.

The show follows Sydney Bristow, a secret agent played by Jennifer Garner. Pretty early on Bristow discovers the agency she's working for (SD-6) isn't all it's cracked up to be, and she ends up living a double-double life. Yeah, I loves me some Jennifer Garner, she ticks all the "girl next door" boxes, so that was certainly part of what kept me coming back for more. But there was more to it that that.

It was created by JJ Abrams, creator of LOST, so it's not surprising that in later series it developed it's own fascinating mythology around Rambaldi, a fictional renaissance inventor who was a combination of Leonardo Da Vinci and
Nostradamus, having designed incredible devices and predicted the future with uncanny precision. Plus the stories featured plenty of missions to exotic locations and fantastical cover stories that mirrored Mission: Impossible.

The show featured a number of awesome actors - Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) made his first big break here, and David Anders as the villainous Julian Sark was awesome.

Finally, Jack Bristow (played by Victor Garber) finishes 2nd (behind Jason Bourne) in terms of fictional real world characters I would want to rescue me if I was ever kidnapped / about to be murdered.

Other series worth mentioning: Angel, the A-Team.

Up next: The very difficult letter B.

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NBA Finals

Today was one of the greatest comebacks in NBA Finals history. The Dallas Mavericks were down by 15, went on a 17-2 run to tie the game at 90 with a minute remaining. Interestingly, of that 17 it was Terry with 8, Nowitzki 4, Kidd 3 and Marion 2.

Then Nowitzki iced it with the last 5 points for the Mavs, winning 95-93.


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