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Consumption of Media

As you probably know, I’m a big consumer when it comes to media, be it TV, books, or more recently podcasts. I’m something of an addict. I’m the guy who stays up to 2am after having watched “just one more” episode of a favourite TV show several times.

Here’s what I’ve been watching / reading / listening to, and what I’m planning.


Okay, so I was late to the podcast party. Mainly because it’s just listening, and I often struggle to work out what to do with my eyes while listening. However, the two Podcasts I regularly listen to are: The BS Report by Bill Simmons (focuses on US pop culture, particularly sports and TV, two of my favourite subjects); and Harmontown by Dan Harmon (former and current show runner of Community). My podcast listening waxes and wanes – Harmontown got old for me, just for too many “I f***ed your Mama” raps. The BS report is tough, because it’s hard to winnow out the podcasts you want to listen to (for me, those on basketball, NFL, and TV shows I watch) from those you don’t (those on baseball, hockey, and TV shows I don’t watch).


I’ve been trying to re-read the Wheel of Time from start to finish. Well, I haven’t read the finish, I got up to about The Tower of Midnight or something and lost interest. But now that it’s finished, I want to know what happened. So I’m reading it.

Of course, I found holes in my collection of books (I think I borrowed various volumes from people). So I’m stalled at book 11, Knife of Dreams (looking to go purchase a 2nd hand copy today).

So in the mean time, I’m on to the second book of The Dresden Files, Full Moon. I read the first book in the series a few months ago. For those not familiar with The Dresden Files, it’s basically noir detective meets Harry Potter (Harry Dresden, the protagonist, is a modern day wizard for hire).


So, I’m up to speed on Castle (or, I should say, up to speed with where TV in NZ is showing it, which is mid season 5). I’m happy to watch it at TV pace. I’m also watching Elementary and Arrow when they show. And Game of Thrones (season 2, episode 3) – having read the books, I’m not in a ‘I must know what happens next’ mindset. Just started to watch Breaking Bad again (from the beginning) as I look to push through to new material (I’ve only watched up to end of season 2).

In terms of the future, I’m feeling like I should go back and watch The Sopranos. I mean, I caught odd episodes while it was on – I know who Tony, Big Pussy, Uncle Junior, Christopher, etc are. But I feel like I should watch it from start to finish. Everyone always gushes about it. Also, I’ve heard good things about The Shield.
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