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Remembering Aliens LARPs (part 2)

Aliens: Fury (1997) was the second in the trilogy, and the first to incorporate elements of LARP.

It was played at the Tory Street flat above the Tile Warehouse, which Matt White lived in at the time. It had a huge long warehouse-esque living room, which we somehow partitioned off with black fabric into areas.

The setting was a space station again maybe? Or a moon base or something. I recall there were scientists and prisoners – I think it was some type of scientific research place that was experimenting on humans, particularly with regards to breeding Aliens. Anyone who saw the movie Aliens: Resurrection, let’s just say mr_orgue thought of it first.

I was GM’ing the station support guys – from memory a bunch of security guards, a corporate boss, and a janitor (played by Leon I think, based liberally on Willy the Janitor from the Simpsons). I think there were two groups of scientists, the prisoners, and a secret group of eco-terrorists. I remember the eco-terroists gathered at a different location on the Friday night and roleplayed their ship approaching the station. I recall taking great pleasure in terrorising James Goldsmith.

As mentioned in the comments to my previous post, there were only a few surviros who (I think) fled on the Eco-terrorists spaceship. Potentially with an alien on board?
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