wyldcard (wyldcard) wrote,

Remembering Aliens LARPs

Thinking about a Warhammer 40k LARP got me thinking about the other Sci-Fi LARP’s I had been involved with in the past.

During the 90’s mr_orgue (and co) ran a trilogy of very successful Aliens weekends.

The first was called Aliens: Gametime. It was played out at Campbell’s flat in Mirimar and might have had 30 players? I recall it was more tabletop than LARP. Set on a space station orbiting above a distant planet, I remember that the station mined water from the planet below by cutting huge chunks of ice from the polar caps and catapulting them into space. I remember svendlemaus coming up with that concept, as it was something he had read somewhere. I remember jarrattgray played a racecar driver of some sort. I remember I played a black synthetic called Washington, who was eventually reprogrammed to overcome his inability to kill. I have a vague recollection that the game ended with the last 3 living survivors trying to kill each other on an escaping ship.

(To be continued)
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